The Campaign


I worked with Tomas on the Stardeus Kickstarter campaign back in 2021. The campaign was a great success, achieving total funding of 174% of the target funding goal. Prior to the campaign starting, I worked with Tomas to plan out the reward tiers and the pricing structure. We then looked at the marketing angle and how Stardeus would fit into the colony sim genre. We felt ‘Rimworld in space’ to be pretty fitting, and worked well with the single-line outreach.

One of my main focuses during the campaign was the outreach to content creators, with more of a target on YouTube content. This focus and outreach were crucial to the success of the campaign. The numbers for this outreach can be found below:

-11 YouTube videos (all over 10,000 views) were published in the opening 3 days of the campaign.

-Over 270,000 YouTube views in the opening week of the Kickstarter campaign

-Over 1,400 total CCV from Twitch streams in the opening week of the Kickstarter campaign


“I had absolute pleasure working with Neon Bedlam on the Stardeus Kickstarter campaign. Both the campaign performance and the level of service exceeded my expectations. Neon Bedlam helped in absolutely every single step, from setting up the campaign on their own account, since Kickstarter does not support launching campaigns in my country, to wide marketing outreach that ended up with healthy amounts of exposure and generated several thousands of wishlists on Steam in just one month. The Kickstarter campaign was the best thing that happened to the Stardeus project, and I will be happy to collaborate with Neon Bedlam in future.”

– Tomas Varaneckas,┬áCEO of Kodo Linija

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